Updating Export Format Files
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Export Format Files are the files created by Unfair Advantage for analysis with third-party software such as VantagePoint, MetaStock, TradeStation, Delta Graphics, One Day at a Time, spread sheets, etc. During the data distribution process, Unfair Advantage automatically writes the export format files specified in your portfolios to disk.

See File Export Preferences and the chapter on Third-Party Software for more information on Writing Export Format Files, Analysis Without UA, using the Application Programming Interface (API) and Portfolio Settings affecting ASCII, MS/CSIM formats, CSI format and Excel format. You'll also find recommendations and tips for using CSI data with:

·Delta Society Int'l  
·Programs by Omega Research (TradeStation)  

This topic completes the "Data Distribution" chapter.

Please see the "SnapQuote" chapter for information on retrieving intraday data from third-party websites.